Rectal suppository, formulated with hyaluronic acid, designed to help healing of the anus and rectum.

Studied in conditions such as hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and in the prevention of radiation-induced acute proctitis.

Hyaluronic acid hydrates tissue and provides lubrication. It has also been shown to speed up the healing process mainly by helping important nutrients pass into the cells to help repair damaged tissue1.

Proktis-M® has been successfully used in Europe, by men and women suffering from anal fissures, for over 15 years!

Proktis-M® is available in Canada exclusively online.
Each box contains 10 suppositories (representing 10 days of therapy).
No plastic applicator needed.

Proktis-M® does not need a prescription.

What Makes Proktis-M® Different?

Hyaluronic acid (sodium hyaluronate) is the main active ingredient which:
  • Hydrates the tissue
  • Provides lubrication
  • Enhances wound healing
The non-medicinal ingredients further aid the healing process and help to reduce inflammation including:
  • Aloe vera
  • Calendula officinalis
  • Centella asiatica
  • Tea tree oil

Studies demonstrate that Proktis-M® helps symptomatic relief of hemorrhoids and healing of anal mucosa.


A study that used Proktis-M® post-operatively for severe Grade III/IV hemorrhoids found significantly more advanced healing after 2, 3, and 4 weeks2


A study that used Proktis-M® for anal fissures found that pain gradually reduced after 1 week due to healing3

Directions for Use


Once Daily
(at bed time, after bowel movement)


How to Purchase

Proktis-M® is available to order through PHARMEX Direct, a fully accredited Canadian mail order pharmacy. Patients can order online from the comfort of their own home:

Speak to a Canadian pharmacist about your symptoms

or call (toll-free) 1.800.663.8637